Some Nights (Glee Cast Version)

I almost thought they’d give the song to a single person and not ruin it. And then it carried on and I got sad as different voices cut in. Nooo, glee. Nooooooo. BAD.

(Sidenote: No one, NO ONE AT ALL, can sing this better than Nate Ruess.)

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Somebody That I Used to Know | Mayday Parade

I didn’t want to like this, but I do. :C

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Zedd | Spectrum

This song has been popping up on my Pandora station lately and it’s hauntingly beautiful and thoroughly catchy. Click play, trust me.

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A’capella cover, huh… we’ll see about th…  …

This is a’capella at its finest.

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It’s Time | Glee Cast Version

It’s time to see if I only watch this show for Darren Criss this season.
Hmm, yessssss. This is a good start.

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The New Limb | Birds and Stuff

AKA, pretty much my favorite new song. It’s too cute and catchy.

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Sam Sparro - Black & Gold

I feel as if this needs to be UCF’s theme song. Black and gold indeed.

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I Will Wait | Mumford & Sons

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Derek James | Dust in the Wind

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5 Years Time | Noah and the Whale

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Of Monsters and Men | Little Talks

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The Temper Trap | Sweet Disposition

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Summer Again | The Afters

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Passenger | Night Vision Binoculars

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