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Dog Problems | The Format
More music I think people need to hear.

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Phantom Limb | The Shins
Music that I think everyone needs to hear.

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She Had the World | Panic at the Disco
More music I think everyone needs to hear.

Unpopular opinion, but I think Pretty. Odd. was their best album.The first was fun and dance-y, so much so that this album came out of nowhere and completely blew me away. Their latest effort is all well and good, with a few notable songs, but as an album, this is wonderfully cohesive and something quite unique. Or perhaps it’s because I will ever consider it part of my Hawaiian life soundtrack and thus, it is flawless. Either way, I don’t think Panic! (now with the exclamation point once more) got enough credit for such beautiful music.

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Acadamia | Sia
Music everyone needs to hear. I absolutely love this song.

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Neville | Alexandre Desplat
From the Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part II OST.

More proof that music doesn’t need lyrics to make an emotional impact.

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Daylight | Matt & Kim
#Music I think everyone needs to hear.

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Lisztomania | Pheonix
Another song everyone needs to hear.
Also the song from which I quasi-derived my tumblr name/title.

(Thanks for everyone reblogging and liking this. You all are awesome!)

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Up & Away | Hotspur
Yet another song I think everyone needs to hear.
I absolutely, entirely love this song.

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Lost Coastlines | Okkervil River
Some nights need music. Tonight needs this song.

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Barlights | fun.

This is by far one of the most aptly named bands in existence. This album never gets old and this particular song is one I can’t seem to listen to without dancing around.

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Sacred Beast | Tally Hall
(File under: Songs everyone needs to listen to and adore.)

I’ve yet to see this song on tumblr, but it has become one of my favorite songs in days.