Music I Think Everyone Should Hear: We Are Young | fun. featuring Janelle Monae

Music I Think Everyone Needs to Hear: Keep Your Head Up | Andy Grammer

Guilty Pleasure Music: The Call - Backstreet Boys

Guilty Pleasure Music: Wannabe - Spice Girls

Happy For the Rest of Your Life | Jimmy Soul
More music I think everyone should hear.

The Motions | Dashboard Confessional
Music I think everyone should hear.

Before you see the name and cast it off as what people consider cliche Dashboard “emo music,” give it a listen. So uncharacteristic and still amazing. And for the record? I happen to dig all of Dash’s music, not just this one song. I just think this song deserves a listen when many believe they pigeonhole themselves into one set type of music. They certainly do not and that is why they are magnificent.

The Walls Are Coming Down | Fanfarlo
More music I think everyone should hear.

California English | Vampire Weekend
More music I think people should hear.

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